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April 28 2013

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this speaks to me on many levels

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March 03 2013

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Like a SIR!
(by hex2)
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November 23 2012

Bart ist viel zu oft an Leute verschwendet, die nicht damit umzugehen wissen.
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November 15 2012

Smokie - Like a SIR!
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October 21 2012

August 28 2012

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August 22 2012

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July 10 2012

July 02 2012

June 03 2012

May 26 2012

moustache tea cup
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May 22 2012

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May 10 2012

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May 01 2012

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April 21 2012

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Hola, Senor Silencio

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April 01 2012

soup @irc

Könnte man mal wieder ein wenig in Umlauf bringen:
Channel: #soup.io Server: irc.euirc.net Port: 6667
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February 17 2012

fliegende Schnauzbärte
- via Rando Calrissian
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January 10 2012

January 07 2012

Maupassant: Boule de suif
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